Wiegand cards do not wear out, are virtually impossible to counterfeit, can’t be altered or copied, and are immune to external magnetic fields or RF interference. An embedded Wiegand code strip, containing small pieces of specially processed wire, is laminated under pressure to create a solid vinyl card. Any attempt to reach the code strip destroys the card.

Now that HID®/Sensor Wiegand cards and Readers are obsolete, Secura Key Wiegand Cards (WCCI) provide an alternative to reader replacement and full re-badging. They are fully compatible with HID® and Sensor Engineering Wiegand-effect swipe readers, and are available in the popular SIA 26-bit Wiegand format, as well as other Wiegand formats up to 40 bits. Options include high-coercivity magnetic stripe and custom artwork. Laser engraved card numbering is included.

Secura Key Multi-Technology Wiegand Cards incorporate both Wiegand and RF technology in a single package. They are available with contactless smart card technology, such as MIFARE® or DESFIRE, or proximity technology, such as Radio Key® or HID® Proximity. This allows Wiegand card customers an upgrade path to less costly modern technologies. Transition cards allow the reader upgrade to be done over time.

Secura Key can also provide Multi-Technology Wiegand Cards with MIFARE® DESFire® HF technology.