Custom Cards

Custom printed cards with full color graphics for any application

Securakey is a leading supplier of products and solutions for the RFID industry.

We work closely with RFID Integrators to provide customized hardware solutions including embedded or weatherproof HF reader/writers with custom antennas, and Serial, USB, or Bluetooth interfaces and Mobile Applications are all available.

We also do custom card manufacturing with full-color printing using LF, HF and UHF inlays in ISO or keytag form factors.

SecuraKey manufactures various types of cards and keytags including, but not limited, to Proximity, Smartcards, UHF , Wiegand, Dual Technology and MIFARE® DESFIRE® cards. Additionally, Secura Key is an industry leader in the creation of custom, four-color printed technology cards .

Please Note: A minimum quantity of 250 cards is required for custom artwork.

The following steps should be followed when ordering custom cards:

1. Submitting Artwork to Secura Key

  • The best way to send logos and graphics is electronically, in PC or MAC format.
  • Preferred artwork format is Adobe Illustrator, however TIF, JPG, EPS and PDF are also accepted.
  • All submitted artwork must be in CMYK, and if there is any text, you must include the fonts as well.
  • PhotoShop images such as JPG, TIF, PSD must be in 300 dpi or higher at actual size.
  • Include 1/8” larger for backgrounds that bleed to the edge of the card.
  • For Barium Ferrite cards be sure to include insertion instructions or an arrow to show which end of the card is inserted or placed on the reader.

Accompanying your graphics please send a full description of the artwork for both sides of the card, including a sample drawing to illustrate the card layout and desired type size and style. This may be done with a sketch or paste-up made with an ordinary office copier. On this document also specify the four-color process or PMS ink color(s) to be used. The standard plastic color is white. If another plastic color is desired, contact Customer Service for more information.

If you do not have camera-ready artwork, want to match a color swatch or need other design assistance, send us what you have and our professional graphic artist will create artwork to your specifications. Please be aware that hourly charges will be billed for any art services that are necessary to create usable artwork.

2. Submit Your Purchase Order For Custom Cards

  • Minimum Order; Custom card production requires a minimum order of 250 cards
  • Proofing: After all questions are resolved about the card order, artwork layout, colors and encoding, you will be provided an electronic proof. This proof provides samples of the artwork and ink colors to be used. (The actual colors may vary slightly from the proof since printing colors on plastic is more variable than printing on paper.)

3. Proof Approval

  • The proof should be signed with no reservations.
  • If changes are required, a new proof will have to be made. For customer requested changes, there will be a charge for the second proof. The new proof will be completed within one week and again sent out for approval.
  • Once we have proof  approval, printing will start. We cannot begin printing custom cards until we have this proof approval.

4. Job Completion

  • Typical lead time from proof approval is 3 weeks.

5. Reorders

  • A four-digit artfile number appears in a corner of every card.
  • Specify the artfile number and order at least the minimum of 250 cards.
  • The typical lead time for reorders of custom cards is 3 weeks.

6. In-Stock Custom Ordered Cards

  • You can order cards to be custom printed and held in stock at the factory. The cards will remain un-encoded.
  • Minimum order is 250 cards, and you will be charged for the full price, less the encoding charge.
    • Order 250-2499 cards one time setup charges will apply.
    • Order 2500 cards or more, printing charges are waived.
  • When you are ready to encode, they will be encoded and shipped to you for the encoding charge only.
  •  This custom card program effectively reduces custom card delivery time from 4 weeks to 3-5 days.

7. Custom Card Printing Charges

  • SK-ART – Hourly charges for preparing your artwork for printing
  • SK-PRINT – Fixed One time set-up charge applies to the first order. No setup charge for subsequent printing using the same artwork with no changes.

Card Options

The following options can be specified in your card order. The options you choose will be reflected by the manufacturing code, which follows the base card part number. Customer Service can give you the complete card part number for the options that you request. All options are not available on all cards. Check with customer service for any questions.

  • Signature Panel – Strip which accepts a signature in ink
  • Slot – for strap clip
  • Eyelet – available on ETKT-03 keytags
  • Mag Stripe – HiCo magnetic stripe on top/back side of card. un-encoded

Laser Numbering is now a standard, no-charge option on all cards types.

Other Card Charges

  • SK-SIGSETUP – Setup charge to apply signature panels to a run of cards.
  • SK-CLIP – Strap clips for cards, each.

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