Dual Technology Proximity Access Control Readers

Secura Key dealers have long asked for a dual technology prox reader that would read both Radio Key® cards and HID® prox cards, allowing them to merge systems or to transition customers from HID® to Radio Key®. That’s why we developed the RKDT-WM and RKDT-WS.

RKDT Readers can read Radio Key® 26 and 32-bit cards, HID® 26-bit prox cards, and most HID® prox cards with non-proprietary formats up to 37 bits. They are compatible with most access control panels including the Secura Key SK-ACP.

Radio Key® dual technology readers are available in two form factors: the RKDT-WM, an S-shaped mini-mullion; the RKDT-WS, a traditional single-gang box “switchplate” housing.

Radio Key® dual technology readers use automatic tuning to optimize the reader to its RF environment, which provides dramatically better read range than competing products with the same antenna size.

The Radio Key® RKDT-WM has a wire pigtail for easy field connections. The RKDT-WS has a plug-in cable harness. All Radio Key® readers are weatherproof, epoxy-potted units suitable for outdoors. All models are UL 294 Listed and FCC/CE approved devices.