Securakey Campus Lockdown Solutions
We are proud to announce a new White Paper and Specification, showing how campus lockdown requirements now make Electronic Access Control a vital requirement for K-12 schools.

Current Challenges
School shooters are not attempting to entering campuses through the highly secured “single points of entry” equipped with cameras, mantraps and metal detectors; they plan ahead, do research, conduct surveillance and find the weak spots, such as unlocked rear or side gates, and propped-open or unlocked doors.

Many school districts use a Mobile/Cloud-Based Application called an Emergency Notification System (ENS), which is sold as a campus security system, but in reality, it is a warning system that uses a Mobile App to instruct faculty and staff to physically lock down doors and gates, sometimes at great risk. While these systems are excellent at Notification, they frequently do nothing to prevent the initial deadly assault.

Emergency Notification Systems lack two vital life-saving capabilities :

1. Monitoring status of classroom doors and gates for unlocked, propped or forced doors
2. Physically locking all entrances simultaneously in a Lockdown scenario.

The good news is that Access Control Systems such as Securakey SK-NET do monitor and automatically lock controlled entrances, and if you already have an ENS, it can be easily integrated with the SK-NET Access Control System, using the Lockdown input and output contacts of both systems. The SK-NET Mobile App also allows staff or faculty to immediately initiate a Lockdown from their Mobile Phone, when a threat is observed, eliminating any delay. When the Lockdown occurs, SK-NET will immediately lock all controlled doors and gates, and the integrated ENS will notify law enforcement, first responders, faculty, staff, resource officers and parents as appropriate.



Q. Is Lockdown Capability an optional feature of SK-NET and SK-NET Mobile?
A. No, Lockdown Capability is a Standard Feature of SK-NET Access Control Software Version 6.2, and SK-NET Mobile App.

Q. Why is “Single Point of Entry” no longer the standard for school security?
A. While there should be a single point of entry for legitimate visitors during school hours, this technique will not secure the campus. School shooter tactics have evolved: they are using rear and side entrances, unlocked gates, propped-open doors, and they are tripping fire alarms to gain access. Every door and gate must be controlled by an Access Control System.

Q. We already have an Emergency Notification System. Why do we have to add an Access Control System?
A. While ENS software can be a useful tool in school security, it should NOT be relied on as the sole or primary security measure. ENS software does not check door status, and it does not automatically lock classroom doors or perimeter gates.

Q. How does Electronic Access Control (EAC) systems closes the gap in School Security?
A. The EAC System locks, unlocks and monitors the status of doors and gates on school campuses. The EAC System responds to a Lockdown command by locking all doors automatically in the event of a lockdown. ENS systems depend on Staff and Faculty to manually lock all doors if a Lockdown Notification is sent.

Q. How do you integrate an Access Control System with an ENS?
A. An EAC system can easily be integrated with the ENS, by using the contact inputs and outputs of both systems.

Q. Does SK-NET comply with Alyssa’s Law?
A. Alyssa’s Law requires public schools to be equipped with silent panic alarms directly linked to law enforcement. SK-NET complies if you connect a silent panic alarm button to a Lockdown Input, AND an auto-dialer to a Lockdown Output. The SK-NET System also complies if you connect the Lockdown Output to a compliant ENS system.

Q. Can School Shooters use Fire Alarm Pull Switches to unlock school buildings?
A. Yes, although the NFPA now allows a Positive Alarm Sequence (PAS) to be used for schools. PAS notifies emergency responders immediately when a manual pull station is activated, and it delays unlocking any doors for 180 seconds, allowing administrators time to determine if the fire alarm is a hoax. In general, most exterior fire alarm pull stations can be removed, and the system will still meet code (check with local AHJ). Buildings with Automatic Sprinkler Systems do not require fire alarm pull stations.

Q. What are the advantages of using Access Control for Lockdown Applications?
A. Here are the main advantages:

  • Central control of all electric door and gate locks
  • Instant one-button Lockdown capability
  • Central reporting of propped, open, forced-open or malfunctioning doors
  • No searching for keys during an emergency
  • Remove an individual from the system without changing locks or keys
  • Issue Access Cards to teachers and administrators. (No need to issue cards to students).
  • Override Cards allow first responders to access secured areas during a Lockdown.
  • Mobile App—allows authorized staff to remotely trigger an immediate lockdown and make other changes.

Q. What is the recommended implementation of an Access Control System for K-12 School Security?
A. Connect EAC System to doors in classrooms and other areas where students may congregate (or hide), such as cafeterias, gyms, libraries, assembly halls, utility buildings, as well as administrative offices and perimeter gates.

  • A card reader, electric strike, door position sensor and REX button or PIR must be installed at each controlled door or gate.
  • Faculty and staff can use cards in place of keys, and as photo ID cards to identify staff and visitors, and first responders can use Override Cards to gain access during a lockdown.
  • Strict Security Procedures: All classrooms must be locked during class. Campus Perimeter entrances are supervised at the start/end of school, and otherwise locked at all times, with a single point of entry during the day for visitors, vendors, delivery and service people, parents and volunteers.
  • Non-climbable fencing and ballistic-rated classroom doors are recommended. Regular system tests and practice lockdowns should be performed.
  • Link ENS to EAC System, as appropriate to your installation.