Proximity Access Control Readers

Radio Key® readers are available in three form factors: the RK-WM, an S-shaped mini-mullion; the RK-WS, a traditional single-gang box “wall switch” housing; and the RK-WL, a large post/wall mount housing for long range applications.

Radio Key® readers use 125 kHz proximity technology, and work with Secura Key encoded cards and key tags. Radio Key® readers use patented Dynascan® automatic tuning to optimize the reader to its RF environment, which provides dramatically better read range than competing products with the same antenna size.

Radio Key® readers have an SIA standard Wiegand output, so the are compatible with most access control panels including the Secura Key SK-ACPE. Secura Key offers proximity credentials in SIA standard 26 bit or Secura Key 32 bit formats.

Radio Key® models have a wire pigtail for easy field connections. All Radio Key® readers are weatherproof, epoxy-potted units suitable for outdoors. All models are UL 294 Listed and FCC/CE approved devices.