Proximity Cards

Radio Key® Proximity credentials are compatible with all Radio Key® proximity readers, use proven reliable technology, offer consistent read range, unaffected by body shielding or variable environmental conditions. Radio Key® supports formats up to 40 bits. Radio Key® proximity cards can be used for applications such as biometric verification, cashless vending, and time and attendance by using the card number as a reference to an external database.

The Radio Key® ISO Card (RKCI) meets CR80 and ISO 7810 dimensional and thickness standards for use with direct image and thermal transfer printers. It can be slot punched vertically or horizontally for use with a strap/clip as a photo ID badge. A magnetic stripe is available. Laser engraved numbering is included.

The Radio Key® “Clamshell” Card (RKCM) is CR80 sized with a thicker rugged ABS card body which allows thicker antenna windings than the ISO card, resulting in superior read range. It includes a molded slot for a strap and clip allowing it to be used as an ID badge in a vertical orientation. These cards can be printed on some reverse-transfer card printers which can accept cards more than 0.065″ thick. An optional adhesive-backed PVC label can be used with most direct image and thermal transfer printers to add photo ID capability to the card. Laser engraved card numbering is included.

The Radio Key® Key Tag (RKKT) is a rugged black ABS key tag, which can be placed on a key ring or clipped on a lanyard, It provides superior read range, equivalent to full-sized proximity cards. Laser engraved numbering is included.

HID®-Formatted Proximity Cards & Key Tags

Radio Key® Proximity credentials use Atmel® RF technology, they can easily be programmed in HID® formats. Radio Key’s® passive (no-battery) design allows virtually unlimited reads. Four HID® formats are currently available (see specifications below) but if you need a format that we currently do not offer, contact the factory. For more information click here.

Note that HID®-formatted credentials cannot be read by standard Radio Key® proximity readers (RK-WM, RK-WS, RK-WL, RK65K), they can only be read by HID® Readers or Radio Key® Dual Technology Readers and standalones (RKDT-WS, RKDT-WM, RKDT-SA-M/S).