Reader & Writers

e*Tag® reader/writers are used for a wide variety of Automatic Identification and Data Collection applications. Compliant with ISO 15693 and some with 14443, Part A standards, these 13.56 MHz units offer the latest in open architecture and interoperability, and they are available with a variety of communications capabilities including RS-232, RS-485, TTL, and USB.

Complete board and antenna assemblies in fully potted high-impact plastic housings offer moisture and dust resistance. PC board assemblies, with remote antenna options, are offered for OEM applications.

RFID transponders are offered in a variety of custom-printed packages including plastic cards, smaller plastic tags in a selection of shapes and sizes, wristbands, and adhesive “smart labels.” High-quality, four-color graphics are available for any transponder package.

The USB Desktop Reader and the USB Micro Reader are ideal for any PC-based application using HF RFID (Contactless) cards or tags, including inventory, asset tracking, retail, loyalty, apparel, manufacturing, construction, transportation, security and access control, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and libraries. The USB Desktop Reader is available as a Virtual COM Port device or a Windows Human Interface Device. A development kit with protocols and drivers is available. The USB Micro Reader is also available as a Virtual COM Port, H.I.D. or keyboard wedge device, and two optional external antennas are available for it.

A 1″ x 4″ PC board antenna for embedded applications and a 13″ x 9″ Flat Pad antenna for desktop asset tracking, such as library and pharmaceutical applications.

e*Tag® transponders offer 2000 or 10,000 bits of user-controlled data storage, plus a 64 bit Unique I.D. number. Secura Key also creates custom packages using RFID transponders of various frequencies and capacities from a number of chip manufacturers.