Radio Key® – 65KS-KIT1

The Radio Key RK65K is a fully programmable, standalone single door access control system. This password-protected, robust, indoor/outdoor standalone proximity card reader can manage up to 65,000 individual users with sequentially-numbered cards or tags, Users are added and deleted easily with an RK-HHP handheld programmer. This simple but powerful reader is now available in a Kit, which contains everything you need to control a single door, to program and to power the reader, and enough keytags for 10 users.The only additional components required are cabling, and the proper door locking hardware with separate power. The RK65KS is also great for controlling access when connected to a gate operator.

For future expansion capability, the reader has a Wiegand output, which can be connected to a a multi-door access or telephone entry system, if desired. When used as part of a larger system, the local card memory and relay may be used for degraded mode and other special functions, such as controlling lighting and HVAC. The cards and tags used with the RK65KS-KIT1 are fully compatible with Secura Key’s SYSKIT 2-door proximity access control kits.

Distributors and dealers can now order a single part number to purchase all the associated and compatible components necessary for a single-door standalone access control installation. The RK65KS KIT1 includes: 1 RK65KS reader, 10 RKKT-02 keytags, 1 RK-HHP handheld programmer, and 1 RK-PS 12VDC Power Supply. The kit takes the guesswork out of selecting the right components, and it ensures that when the dealer arrives at the installation site, that he has everything he needs to complete the installation.

The kit is provided in a compact box which contains all of the components, plus installation and instruction manuals. The shrink-wrapped box has an attractive 4-color sleeve, and it fits easily onto distributor shelving.