The SecuRelay™ from Secura Key adds a new dimension of protection to standalone access control units. SecuRelay™ moves the lock control relay to a location away from the reader. This eliminates the threat of an intruder gaining entry by “hot wiring” the cable at the reader.

Whenever a valid card is presented to a SecuRelay™ compatible access control unit, a unique data stream is sent to the SecuRelay™. Each SecuRelay™ learns to recognize the data from a single access control unit.

Tampering with the wires at the access control unit, or even replacing the unit with another reader, will not trick the SecuRelay™ into releasing the lock or gate.

SecuRelay™ is compatible with Secura Key RK-65K standalone proximity access control reader and with the Secura Key 26SA (version 4.0 or later firmware) and with all Smart Readers used with the NOVA.16 Multi-Reader Control panel (RKDT-SR-/S and ET8-SRX-/D).