Smart Readers

Secura Key Smart Readers are designed to work with the NOVA.16 Access Control Panel

  • Each Smart Reader is connected to the panel via RS-485
  • Each Smart Reader has an on-board solid state relay, the inputs and outputs to control and monitor each door
  • It has two additional open collector outputs for auxiliary functions, and
  • A total of 4 inputs for monitoring devices such as door contacts, PIR’s, Request to Exit, etc.
  • No cable home runs back to the control panel from the door locations are required

RKDT-SR (LF) smart readers can be used where either HID® or Secura Key proximity cards are used

  • Works with (LF) 125MHz Secura Key 26-bit or 32-bit cards, or HID Proximity cards with pass-through, non-proprietary formats
  • Available in either Mullion (RKDT-SR-M) or Switch-plate (RKDT-SR-S) styles
  • NOVA.16 accepts bit formats with 16 ID bits

ET8-SR (HF) smart readers add Contactless Smart Card technology to the SK-NET system using the NOVA.16 controller

  • Works with (HF) Secura Key 13.56 MHz 26-bit or 32-bit contactless smart cards and keytags
  • Available in either Mullion (ET8-SR-X-M) or Decora® Wallswitch (ET8-SR-X-D-W) styles

For Non-Securakey type Readers  Secura Key offers a Wiegand interface adaptor (SK-WIO-1)

  • The adaptor is specifically designed for use with the NOVA.16 control panel
  • Allows non-Secura Key reader types, biometric readers, keypads, long range readers and other Wiegand Output devices to be connected to the NOVA.16 peripheral bus to function just like a Smart Reader
  • The SK-WIO-1 has latch and aux relays and two inputs for functions such as Door Monitor or REX buttons.

Secura Key Smart Readers are also designed to work with custom software applications developed by original equipment manufacturers and systems integrators. Access control, fuel management, data retrieval and many other applications are possible. They are available in both Radio Key® Proximity and e*Tag® Contactless Smart Card Technologies. See RFID/Smart Readers for more information.