Technical Training Seminars

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Using modern web-based training tools, such as Citrix Go-To-Webinar, Secura Key continues to offer its customers live interactive training at their own facilities, or any place with an Internet connection. These courses will be repeated throughout the year, and other courses will be added in the future. Secura Key is also able to offer one-on-one training sessions for individuals or small groups by special request.

Participants can use the microphone and speakers connected to their PC’s or they can use an optional telephone call-in number.

A link to the webinar and call in information can be obtained by clicking on the title of the webinar.

Secura Key’s Technical Training Manager, Jeff Hamilton, will conduct these live Webinars. Jeff is intimately familiar with the Secura Key product line, with over 18 years of experience in product training and technical support.

Please register one week prior to the scheduled webinar date.

Please call or email Tech Support if you have any questions.
Call 800-891-0020